Weather Line: 303-880-4102 Updated the day of planned activities (by 4:00 pm for evening classes; by 6:30 am for weekend classes)


Visit: Online Service Center to sign up! (Concluded for season 2017)

Weekend Lessons: CWS adult weekend tennis lessons range from learning the basic fundamentals of technical skills and strokes of play, to advanced tactical and technical development combining singles and doubles play, and participating in on-court drills to further enhance a player's readiness in competition.

Locations: City Park, Stapleton Greenway Park, Lowry Park, Washington Park

Class Times: Adult Beginner 11:45-12:45; Adult Intermediate/Advanced Beginner 12:45-1:45


Adult Tennis League: CWS adult tennis league is a program that builds on the recreation tennis player's introduction and preparation for tennis competition. These classes support the ranges of skill levels as defined by the USTA ratings program ( Players are encouraged to self-rate.

Locations: Lindsley Park, Washington Park

Class Times: Beginner Tennis League (2.0-2.5 level) 6:00-8:00p (Mondays); Intermediate/Advanced Tennis League (3.0-3.5 level) 6:00-8:00p (Wednesdays)

Visit: Online Service Center to sign up! (Concluded for season 2017)


Email CityWide Tennis for more information.

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